BANH MIỆNG SINO ORTHO ( Self-Retainer Cheek Retractor)

Còn hàng

1. For orthodontic bonding of brackets.

2. Large Medium and Small size

3. Clear and White color available

SINO ORTHO self-retaining retractor

The original retractor intended for orthodontic bonding of brackets.

Our self-retaining retractor intended for orthodontic bonding but can be used in dentistry and oral surgery.

The retractor was designed with tabs/handles to assure a full view.

Design Features:

1.Better access for the dentist to the teeth to perform clinical procedures, gives full view of anterior/posterior segment during direct bonding.

2.Handles for easier insertion and for pulling the cheek anterior while bonding the side segment.

3.Tension can be adjusted by using elastomers for maximum patient comfort, also keeps the upper and lower lip away from dry-field while bonding

4.Available in two different materials, PC (rigid) or PP (soft). Soft material allows greater flexibility.

5.Available in a white and clear colors to suit your taste, transparent material is ideal for clinical photography

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